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Image by Yousef Espanioly


Opening Press Release - November 2, 2021

"Jessica Birmingham, owner of Happy Day Plants (501 Main Street), never imagined a dream she wrote down in her journal more than four years ago would be coming to fruition. Happy Day Plants (, a retail houseplant and gift shop, is opening its doors to customers this Saturday, November 6, 2021 in the location of former outdoor apparel store Old Town Outfitters."

Longmont Times-Call - November 4, 2021

"Inside 501 Main St. on Wednesday, a new business was beginning to take root. Among hanging pots of Hindu rope, string of coin plants, and a workshop space lined with pots of flowering Christmas cactus, Jessica Birmingham got to step back and take in the shop that will unite her love of plants with her goal to help people with special needs get paid work experience."

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